Construction and installation

Talent power
The Company owns over 581 project line technicians, covering national class 1 registered architect, registered class 2 Registered Architect, registered safety engineer, and construction personnel of seven categories.

Field Assembling
In the course of over ten years development, the Company has participated and contracted to construct up to thousands of steel structure projects, among which, there are hundreds of state-level and provincial major steel structure projects, with steel structure installation amount of millions of tons in total. Therefore, rich construction experience has been accumulated, and advanced steel structure hoisting technologies of international level are mastered. For projects like Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Algeria Oil Company, Algeria Tlemcen Stone Workshop, Pakistan International Airport, Hangzhou International Conference Center, Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, Erdos Dongsheng Sports Center, the company applied advanced construction and hoisting technologies successively for many times, such as super-weighted hydraulic synchronous lifting by control of computer, super-high slip bed-jig technology, steel structure double crane lifting and hanging technology in super-huge type complex space, two-way tensioning truss construction and installation technology, flexible railway separated pushing slip construction process, irregular sphere steel structure installation technology, irregular oblique structure installation with accuracy control technology, two points accumulative lifting technology for long span super-high inclined giant-arch.

Site welding
Through experimental study from many projects, such as Pakistan International Airport, Beijing New Poly Plaza, Harbin International Exhibition Center and City Stadium, we have mastered: Complex space steel structure system initial stress strain control technology, low temperature welding technology in winter, massive overhead welding technology, high strength extra-thick plate (thickness of 110 mm, Q460E) welding technology, robot automatic welding technology, lamellar tearing resistant welding technology, dissimilar steel welding technology, infrared preheat welding technology, rebar T welding joint pressure submerged-arc welding technology and many other advanced welding processes.

Enterprise standard
Under the current regulation of national standards, combined with years of steel structure practical experience of the company, the company compiled Steel Structure Construction Process Procedures, to make systematic introduction and basic regulations towards construction preparation, process and methods adopted, construction quality control, precautions during construction, construction technical disclosure, etc. with regard to 11 major itemized construction technologies of steel structure, including embedded bolt (part), light-weight steel structure, multi-story (high-rise) structure, steel truss structure, grid (latticed shell) structure, high strength bolted connection, welded connection, steel structure coating, roof (wall) boarding, steel pressed floor support plate, and door and window.
It also stipulates 10 specifications for construction and acceptance of building steel structure such as Code for Acceptance and Bury of Pre-embedment Bolt (Parts) of Steel Structure, Code for Installation and Acceptance of Steel Structures Part I: Single Layer Structure, Code for Installation and Acceptance of Steel Structures Part II: Multi-story and High-rise Structure, Code for Installation and Acceptance of Steel Structures Part III: Truss Structure, Code for Installation and Acceptance of Steel Structures Part IV: Frame Structure, Code for Construction and Acceptance of High Strength Bolts, Code for Field Welding and Acceptance of Steel Building, Code of Construction and Acceptance of Profiled Steel Sheet of Floor Slab, Code for Field Coating Construction and Construction of Steel Structure and Code for Installation and Acceptance of Metal Roof and Wall Plate.