Product R & D Center

Design qualification
The company has obtained the Specialized Grade A Design Qualification of light steel structure, heavy steel structure, steel truss structure and space truss structure.

Talent power
We have gathered a mass of talents at high level, professor senior engineers, national first grade certified structural engineers, first grade certified cost engineers and certified architect, as well as various professional technicians in total of 634 with medium-grade or high-grade professional title, accounting for over 25% of the staff.

Design software
The company also possess advanced calculation, analysis and design software, such as American SAP2000, ETABS and SAFE, Korean Midas/Gen, China Academy of Building Research’s PKPM Series, Tongji University’s 3D3S and MTS, Zhejiang University’s MSTCAD, Dalian REI’s STAAD/CHINA; as well as detail design and drawing software, such as AUTOCAD, Finnish Xsteel, British StruCAD and ZW CAD.

Design capacity
The company is capable of the following calculation and analysis: super high-rise structure design, elastoplasticity time-procedure analysis, pushover analysis, complex spatial structure design, ultimate bearing capacity analysis and elastoplasticity buckling analysis.

Research and development achievements
The company has harvested abundant achievements of R&D in recent years:
▪ Mold-less forming technology, two-way chord truss strop rope sliding technology
▪ box space bent and twisted steel structure component machining process
▪ Q460 high strength steel thick plate welding method
▪ steel tube column and beam plate through type node seismic performance research
▪ deepened design software development of large bent and twisted box-shaped component
▪ stress performance test research of large cast steel nodes, long-lasting roof system research and industrialization
▪ large span dome structure fixed step rotating and sliding research
▪ two points accumulative lifting technology for long span super-high inclined giant-arch
▪ heavy large span and cantilever structure sand box unloading construction technology
▪ honeycomb-shaped mesh steel frame structure construction technical research and chain type steel pipe clamp research

The company has undertaken the research project of “Industrialization of Multi-story and High Rise Steel Structure Residence” and conducted trial and special appraisal combining with the multi-story and high rise project constructed. This project has been selected as “2005 National Torch Plan Projects” and Zhejiang Province major science and technology special subjects, which included R&D of dozens of frontier technologies, such as “Integrated Software System of Design, Manufacture and Installation of Major Steel Structure” and “Irregular High Rise Steel Structure Construction Whole Process Simulation Analysis and Online Implementation Monitoring Technology”.