Manufacturing base

Manufacture base
The Company possesses three large export manufacture bases, namely, Henan in China, Ningxia in China, Xinjiang province in China, with covering area of 1.432 million m2, and annual production and construction ability of design, manufacture, installation building steel structure reaches 500,000 tons and the various kinds of sheet materials reaches 10 million m2.

Manufacture qualification
The manufacturing factory of the Company, with advanced management concept and advanced management means, has obtained “China Steel Structure Manufacturing Enterprise Special Qualification”, “H Qualification for Performance of Japan Steel Structure Manufacturing Factory” and the “S1 qualification for Singapore Professional Processing and Installation of Steel Structure”. The products can be directly exported to Japan with highest requirement on the steel structure manufacturing in the world.

Talent power
There are more than 1,400 technicians engaged in professional processing and manufacturing of the steel structure in the Company, more than 148 persons of which have passed JIS, AWS and CWI examination. In recent years, they have played important role during many steel projects, such as Kazakhstan Convention Center, Russia Light Industry Base, Gabonese Republic Wood Processing Base, Indian Railway Station, Poland Large Press Workshop, Italy National Stadium, Nantong Sports Exhibition Center, Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center, based on professional processing and manufacturing management of the Company and the technical support of strong expert advisory.

Production equipment
For the Kubo cross column production line, AMADA type steel secondary processing line, Oucui longitudinal BOX production line (three-wire, three-arc submerged-arc welding matching with US Lincoln welding power source), Hataly Mentler edge milling machine, big caliber cutting machine for intersecting lines LMGQ/P-A1850, cutting machine for intersecting lines HID-900EH, veneer reeling machine EZW11S100*4000, Double-machine linkage CNC hydraulic press brake Z-WE67K-800/1600DA65, CNC plasma cutting machine EXA-5500, Lincoln JH120H-type steel installation and welding integration, steel bar truss welding production line JGH-30, Tianshui metal forming Q11y-12x8000 cutting machine, purline exchange machine JCZ320C/Z, polyurethane assembly line, Sm150 multi-point free forming equipment, WC43-80X2200 precision leveler, 100-tons outdoor gantry crane, 10m CNC bending machine, US PeddinghausH steel secondary processing assembly line, Japan Kubo straightening machine, 1500-tons oil press and other building steel structure manufacturing equipment with international advanced level introduced by the Company from US, Japan, Germany and Italy, the quality of each work process shall be ensured strictly, forming professional, large-scale first-class production line.

Manufacturing process
Through a number of engineering examples and repeated experimental investigation, the Company has fully mastered thick plate narrow-gap welding technology, manufacturing technology of special X-type node, welding technology of ultra-large cast steel joint, large-diameter thick-wall centrifugal welded steel pipe technology, processing technology of thin-wall box-type section components, Q460 high-strength sheet welding technology, ultra-thick sheet (200mm) welding technology, Φ2.4mm new-type no-copper plating coarse wire gas protection automatic welding process, overall pre-assembly of large-span box-type truss (98m*32m), complex node vibration aging eliminating stress process, four-face electroslag welding manufacturing process and other advanced processing and manufacturing technologies.
During the actual application, the Company renovates the technology process continuously with the technological innovation as guidance and enhance the production ability continuously with the automation equipment as backup force. During the undertaking of major project, specially the construction of “Bird's Nest”, the Company firstly adopts “Free Forming” technology in the steel structure field, replacing the traditional fire work and top pressure process, which significantly shortens the construction period, ensuring production and manufacturing of complex components and demand of site construction progress. Meanwhile, according the requirement of the architectural image, CAD computer aided design and CAM computer aided manufacturing software are developed jointly with domestic famous colleges, and numerical control equipment with large tonnage and large size is also developed successfully, which have been applied into production and processing of many steel structure projects.

Enterprise standard
Under the current regulation of national standards, combined with practical situation, the Company formulated 7 strict and normative enterprise product standards, including Technical Specification for Acceptance of Box Steel Product, Technical Specification for Acceptance of Cross-shaped Steel Product, Technical Specification for Acceptance of Pipe Truss Product, Technical Specification for Acceptance of H-shaped Truss Product, Technical Specification for Acceptance of Square Pipe Truss Product, Technical Specification for Acceptance of H-shaped Steel Product and Technical Specification for Steel Pipe Product.

Meanwhile, in order to strictly control the product quality, the Company formulated 13 corresponding operation standards in terms of each processing procedure link, including: Cutting Blanking Standard, Inner Diaphragm Assembly Standard, Box-column Assembly Standard, Submerged-arc Welding Standard, Electric Slag Welding Standard, Assembly Standard for Steel Column, Stud Welding Standard, Surface De-rusting Standard, Coating Standard, Drilling Standard, Gas Shield Welding Standard, H-shaped Steel Assembly Standard, and Steel Plate Butting Submerged-arc Welding Standard.