Product research and development center

Standards jointly compiled by our company
National standard: Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structure, Code for Design of Steel Structure, Code for Design of Aluminum Structures, Technical Specification for Welding of Steel Structure of Building, Technical Code for Application of Metal Profiled Sheets, Steel Structure Fire Prevention Technical Procedures, Roll Profiled Steel Sheet for Building, Technical Specification for Steel Structure of Tall Building;

Local standards
Technical Specification for Membrane Structure, Technical Specification for Cable Applications in Building Structure, Technical Specification for Multi-story and High-rise Steel Residential Buildings, Technical Specification for Light-weight Building Steel Structure, Code for Design of Steel Structure Residence, Technical Specification for Space Frame Structures of Tianjin;

Industry and associations standards
Cold-formed Welded Circular Tubes for Building Structures, Cold-formed Thin-wall Steel Sections for Steel Structures, Technical Specification for Low-rise Cold-formed Thin-wall Steel Buildings, Technical Specification for Structures with Steel Pipe, Technical Specification for Application of Cast Steel Joints, Technical Specification for Selection and Inspection of Steel Products for Steel Structure, Technical Specification for Welding Heat Treatment of Steel Structure, Qualification Certification Standards for Personnel of Steel Structure Welding, Technical Specification for Steel Structure of Light-weight Buildings with Gabled Frames, Technical Specification for Steel Structure Manufacture, Specification for Design of High Strength Steel Structure.

Welding technique research institute
The Welding Technical Research Institute of our company has two divisions: Research Institute and Welder Train Center. The Research Institute is working as a specialized department to study frontier technology upon welding of various metal materials, which is able to carry out welding procedure qualification on new materials and welding scientific research projects. The Welding Train Center has obtained the issuance qualification of Engineering Construction Welder Technical Examinations Certificate; Trainers in the Center hold Training Teacher Certificate issued by National Employment Training Technical Instruction Center as well as Welder Senior Technician Certificate, who are in charge of technical training and welder examination certificate issuance of relevant items, such as arc welding, submerged arc welding, electro-slag welding and gas shielded welding. The Center is also evaluated as training base for welder examination of China Engineering Construction Welding Association.

Canglong Steel Structure R&D Center
The company together with leading experts and professors and some experts, doctors and masters in the company are engaged in frontier research on steel structure in long term; The center also develops new special designing software and new, hard and special node form of steel structure, exploits new structure form, as well as simulation analysis during construction.

Research and development cooperation
The Company has established good cooperation relationship with many colleges and universities, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology and Southeast University. The Company can hold various types of academic exchange meetings with colleges and universities, industry association and design institute, etc. jointly every year.