Construction Site Container Room

Construction Site Container Room

Product parameter
Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Standard: GB Standard
Certificates: CE, ISO9001
Grade: Q235/Q355
Brand Name: Canglong Group
Specification: 20FT / 40FT
Steel Frame Material: Galvanized Steel with Plastic Paint
Wall Panel: 50mm EPS/Rockwool/PU Sandwich Panel
Window: PVC or aluminium window
Door: PVC/Aluminium Alloy/Fire Door
Other fittings: Shower, toilet, kitchen etc

Product Detail

With the rapid development of the modern construction industry, construction site container room, as a new and efficient temporary construction solution, are gradually receiving widespread attention and application. It not only meets the needs of construction sites for temporary living and office space, but also demonstrates its unique value in the field of construction with its unique characteristics and structural composition.

Structural composition of construction site container room

  • Walls: The walls of construction site container houses are mainly composed of color steel plates, polyurethane foam, glass wool and other materials. These materials not only have good thermal insulation properties, but also have certain sound insulation effects.
  • Doors and windows: The doors of container houses usually use high-quality anti-theft doors to ensure the safety of residents. The windows use plastic steel windows, which have good sealing and sound insulation effects.
  • Roof tiles: Roof tiles are made of materials such as corrugated steel plates or asbestos corrugated boards, with good waterproof performance and durability.
  • Water and electricity pipelines: The container room is equipped with a complete water and electricity pipeline system to meet the daily life and office needs of residents.

Construction Site Container Room

Features of construction site container room

  • Activity and reusability: One of the biggest features of construction site container room is their high mobility and reusability. This kind of house can be easily moved from one construction site to another, greatly saving time and transportation costs. At the same time, due to its sturdy structure and materials, the container house can be used many times, reducing the generation of construction waste and conforming to the concept of environmental protection.
  • Quick construction and disassembly: The construction site container house adopts a modular design and can be quickly constructed and disassembled. This not only greatly shortens the construction period, but also reduces the interference to the construction site. In addition, since most of the assembly work of the container room has been completed before leaving the factory, only simple assembly is required on site, which greatly improves work efficiency.
  • Safety and durability: The construction site container room adopts a steel frame structure, which has windproof and earthquake-proof characteristics, and can withstand various severe weather and natural disasters. At the same time, its steel plate outer wall is corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant, does not rust or crack, and ensures that the service life of the house is more than ten years.
  • Sound insulation, heat insulation and aesthetics: The container house adopts an air-insulated heat design, has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and provides a comfortable living environment for residents. In addition, its outer wall can be painted in a personalized way and can be decorated according to personal preferences, making the house more beautiful and elegant.

Construction Site Container House

Construction site container room has been widely used in the construction industry due to their unique mobility, rapid construction, safety, durability and aesthetics. At the same time, their reasonable structural composition and complete supporting facilities also provide residents with a comfortable and convenient living environment. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of the market, it is believed that construction site container houses will play a more important role in the future.

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