Modular Container Residence

Modular Container Residence

Product parameter
Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Standard: GB Standard
Certificates: CE, ISO9001
Grade: Q235/Q355
Brand Name: Canglong Group
Specification: 20FT / 40FT
Steel Frame Material: Galvanized Steel with Plastic Paint
Wall Panel: 50mm EPS/Rockwool/PU Sandwich Panel
Window: PVC or aluminium window
Door: PVC/Aluminium Alloy/Fire Door
Other fittings: Shower, toilet, kitchen etc

Product Detail

Modular container residence is an innovative building solution. It transforms the container, which was originally used for logistics and transportation into a efficient, environmentally friendly and mobile living space. This kind of residential design not only provides a fast deployment for temporary residences and emergency rescue, but also provides novel choices for urban residential, tourist resort and remote areas.

Modular Container Residence

Application scenarios

Temporary residences and emergency rescue: Under emergencies such as natural disasters and epidemics, modular container houses can quickly build temporary medical centers, rescue camps, or shelters to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the affected people.

Urban houses: In urban planning, modular container houses can be used as low -cost, high -efficiency residential units to build temporary or long -term residential communities. The characteristics of standardization and repetitive use have greatly reduced building costs and resource consumption.

Tourist resort: In the beautiful tourist resort, modular container houses can be created as unique resort huts or homestays to provide tourists with a unique accommodation experience.

Remote areas: In remote areas or lack of resources, modular container houses can be used as a fast and convenient residential solution to meet the basic living needs of local residents.

Modular Container Residence


  • High -efficiency and fast: The standardized design of modular containers can complete the assembly and disassembly in a short time, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.
  • Environmental protection Energy -saving: The container itself is made of high -strength steel, which has a long service life and high recycling value. At the same time, modular design can reduce the generation of construction waste and reduce the negative impact on the environment.
  • Flexible and changing: Container residences can be personalized and transformed as needed to meet different residential needs and environmental conditions. Its mobility also allows them to easily cope with changes in urban development and population flow.
  • Economic and practical: The construction cost of modular container houses is relatively low, and due to its standardization and repetitive characteristics, long -term maintenance and operating costs can be reduced. In addition, container houses can also be used as temporary buildings to avoid economic pressure caused by long -term investment.

Modular Container Residence

In short, the modular container houses have shown broad application prospects and huge development potential in many fields with their efficient and fast, environmental protection energy saving, flexible and changeable advantages.

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