Single-span Steel Factory Building

Single-span Steel Factory Building

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Standard: GB Standard, EU Standard, ASTM Standard, BS Standard, AS/NZS Standard
Certificates: CE, ISO9001
Grade: Q235 / Q355
Type: Steel Structure
Surface Treatment: Painted & Hot dip galvanized
Columns/Beams: H-Shaped Steel
Purlins: C/Z Section Steel Channel
Wall/Roof Panel: Sandwich Panel, Color Steel Plate

Product Detail

The single-span steel factory building is a building structure widely used in modern industrial fields. With its unique advantages, flexible application and stable structural composition, it has become the preferred solution for industrial construction.

single-span steel factory building

Single-span steel factory building structure composition:

The structure of a single-span steel factory building is mainly composed of columns, beams, roof panels, wall panels and connectors. Columns and beams are connected by welding or bolts to form a stable frame system that supports the skeleton of the entire factory building. Roof panels and wall panels cover the frame system to play waterproof, windproof, and thermal insulation functions. Connectors are the key to connecting various components to ensure the stability and safety of the entire structure. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different industries, single-span steel workshops can also be personalized and customized according to specific conditions.

single-span steel factory building structure


The most notable feature of the single-span steel structure factory building is its single-span design, that is, there is only one span along the length of the factory building. This design makes the internal space layout of the steel structure factory building more concise and clear, and facilitates the layout of equipment and the organization of the production process. . At the same time, steel as the main building material makes the factory buildings lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and wear-resistant, and can adapt to various harsh industrial environments.


Single-span steel workshops are widely used in machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics, warehousing and other industries.

  • In the machinery manufacturing industry, the spacious interior space provides convenience for the production, assembly and debugging of large equipment.
  • In the chemical and electronic industries, its excellent anti-corrosion properties ensure the safety and stability of the production environment.
  • In the field of warehousing, single-span steel workshops are favored for their efficient space utilization and convenient cargo transfer capabilities.

single-span steel structure factory building

The advantages of single-span steel factory buildings are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • First, the construction period is short, and the combination of steel prefabrication and on-site assembly greatly shortens the construction period.
  • Second, it has high economic benefits and high reuse rate of steel, which reduces construction costs.
  • Third, it is environmental protection and energy saving. As a recyclable material, steel is in line with the development trend of green buildings.
  • Fourth, the structure is stable and has strong earthquake and wind resistance, ensuring production safety.

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