Steel Structure Parking Lot

Steel Structure Parking Lot

Product Parameter
Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Standard: GB Standard
Certificates: CE, ISO9001
Grade: Q235/Q355
Brand Name: Canglong Group
Type: Light Steel Structure
Surface Treatment: Antirust painted & Hot dip galvanized
Columns and Beams: H-section Steel
Purlin: C.Z Shape Steel Channel
Roof and Wall Panel: Sandwich Panel, Color Steel Sheet
Door: Flip Garage Door / Garage Curtain Door

Product Detail

The steel structure parking lot belongs to the storage facility, which is specially used to park various types of vehicles and is scientifically registered. It consists of five parts: steel frame, rotary table (with embedded type), conveyor or elevator, monitoring console and auxiliary equipment (fire, power distribution, anti-theft mechanism). The three-dimension parking garage fully utilizes the ground and space, effectively utilizes the available land area for parking, and increases the number of parking spaces in the area. The structure is simple, production process is simple, the installation is simple, the using is simple, the invention is novel, economical and practical. It is safe and reliable, runs smoothly, has low noise, low cost, low energy consumption and wide application range.

steel structure parking garage

Classification of  stereo parking garage

The stereo parking garage is divided into independent types and built-in form. The independent parking building is suitable for underground plazas and existing building supplementary parking facilities. The built-in stereo garage is suitable for simultaneous planning and construction with new buildings. Parking equipment is attached to the building and has no impact on regional environmental planning and architectural outside appearance.

According to structural performance: mechanical, self-propelled and semi-mechanical three.

According to the operating mechanism type: lifting and traversing, vertical circulation, roadway stacking, vertical lifting, simple lifting and so on. The lifting and traversing type is a mechanical parking device that uses the lifting or (and) lateral translation of the loading plate to park the car, it is suitable for residential quarters, building basements, and overpasses. The vertical circulation type is a mechanical parking device for parking a car with a vertically circulating moving plate system. The roadway stacker is a mechanical parking device that uses a roadway stacker or a special crane to move the car horizontally and simultaneously vertically to a predetermined parking position or vice versa. It is suitable for large-scale public public parking buildings and underground parking garages.

According to the degree of automation: semi-automatic parking garage and automatic parking garage. The automatic three-dimension parking garage can be divided into two-layer or multi-layer flat automatic parking garage, vertical dense automatic parking garage and special-shaped structure automatic three-dimension parking garage (such as honeycomb, labyrinth, etc.).

Steel Structure Garage

The steel structure of the three-dimension parking garage is mainly welded with hot-rolled H shape steel, steel channel, angle steel, steel plate, etc., and then connected with high-strength bolts into a frame structure, which has good strength and rigidity. According to different structural requirements, there are single column form, cross beam form, rear cantilever form and so on. The vehicle is used to carry the access vehicle, and has two kinds of frame structure and panel structure. The frame structure of the car board is welded with steel and steel plates. Most of them are the form of intermediate protrusions. The steel plate is laid on the top. The advantage is that the width can be designed as needs, and the introduction function is better. It is suitable for small batch production with more changes. The slab-plated steel plate is stamped or rolled into an assembly with galvanized steel. It is assembled into a carrier plate by bite and fastened with high-strength bolts. This carrier plate is light and beautiful, convenient to transport, and interchangeable. Suitable for mass production.

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