Steel Structure Cold Storage

Steel Structure Cold Storage

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Standard: GB/EU/ASTM/BS/AS/NZS Standard
Certificates: CE, ISO9001
Grade: Q235 / Q355
Type: steel frame structure
Surface Treatment: Painted & Hot dip galvanized
Columns and Beams: H-section Steel
Purlin: C.Z Shape Steel
Roofing Panel: polyurethane cold storage panels
Service Life: 30 years

Product Detail

With the development of steel structure and the needs of modern logistics, steel structure cold storage has become one of the more popular cold storage structures in the market. The load-bearing of the steel frame structure cold storage generally adopts steel structures such as steel columns and steel beams, and the insulation adopts the method of on-site splicing of polyurethane cold storage panels.

steel structure cold storage

Steel structure cold storage is currently one of the more popular refrigerated warehouse building envelopes in the market. Compared with traditional brick-concrete cold storage enclosures, steel structure cold room enclosures can better meet the requirements for flexible separation of large bays in cold storage, and can be passed through Reduce the cross-sectional area of the column and use light wall panels to increase the area utilization rate, and the effective use area in the cold storage is increased by about 6%.

Secondly, in terms of energy-saving effect, the enclosure of the cold storage adopts light and energy-saving standardized H-beam, C-shaped steel, square steel, and polyurethane sandwich panels, which have better thermal insulation performance and earthquake resistance.

refrigerated warehouse

Four advantages of steel structure cold storage

  • 1. Large column nets and long-span steel structures are generally used in refrigerated warehouse, which can meet the requirements of modern logistics for large bays and flexible partitions in warehouse building.
  • 2. Reduce the cross-sectional area of the wall column of the civil structure, and there is no limit to the height of the warehouse body, which improves the overall area utilization rate of the warehouse and greatly increases the effective use area.
  • 3. In terms of energy-saving effect, the enclosure of the cold storage adopts energy-saving and standardized C-shaped steel, square steel and sandwich panels, and its thermal insulation performance and earthquake resistance are relatively good.
  • 4. Short construction period. Steel structure refrigerated warehouse construction generally adopts prefabricated structure, factory pre-processing, on-site assembly, short construction period, saving time and resources.

steel structure cold storage

In addition, the periphery of the steel structure cold storage also has the advantages of light weight, fast construction speed, high environmental recovery rate, and flexibility.

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