Precautions for high-altitude installation of building steel structures

It is well known that high altitude operation will be encountered during the processing and installation of building steel structures. In addition to normal operation, it is very important to ensure personal safety and correct operation. Precautions for installation of steel structure for aerial work are as follows:

1. When working at heights, scaffolding must be erected or fall prevention measures must be taken before operation. Personnel working at heights shall wear light clothes and soft soled shoes.

2. When working on the dam crest, steep slope, roof, cliff, tower, suspension bridge and other dangerous edges, safety nets or protective railings shall be installed on the free side, or safety belts must be used.

installation of building steel structures

3. The safety belt shall be checked before use, and the static load test shall be carried out regularly (every 6 months). The test load is 225kg and the test time is 5min. After the test, check for deformation and fracture, and make test records. If the safety belt is unqualified, it shall be handled in time. The hook or rope of the safety belt shall be hung on a solid component or a steel wire rope specially designed for hanging the safety belt, and shall not be hung on a moving or unstable object.

4. When working at heights, no one is allowed to walk or stay in the workplace except relevant personnel. Fences or other protective devices shall be set below the workplace to prevent falling objects from hurting people. If working on a grid platform, planks shall be laid to prevent tools and equipment from falling.