Daily maintenance of steel aircraft hangar

Steel aircraft hangar is one of the important facilities in the aviation industry for storing and maintaining various aircraft. In order to ensure the normal operation of the hangar and prolong its service life, daily maintenance is essential.

First of all, regular cleaning is one of the basic requirements for the maintenance of steel aircraft hangar. Since hangars are constantly exposed to dust, oil and other contaminants, these impurities can cause damage to facilities and equipment. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean the ground and walls, remove dust and oil, and keep the interior of the hangar clean. Proper cleaning agents and tools should be used during cleaning to ensure that no damage is done to the surfaces of the aircraft hangar.

Secondly, regular inspection and maintenance of the facilities and equipment of the steel aircraft hangar is also an important part of maintenance. Facilities include doors, windows, roofs, drainage systems, etc., while equipment includes lighting, ventilation systems, fire fighting equipment, etc. Regular inspections can detect problems early and take measures to fix them, avoiding the expansion of problems. Repair work includes replacing damaged parts, fixing water leaks, cleaning and replacing filters, and more. Regular inspection and maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the facilities and equipment in the hangar and provide a good working environment.

steel aircraft hangar

In addition, the anti-corrosion work of the steel structure hangar is also very important. Since hangars are often exposed to humid environments, metallic materials are susceptible to corrosion. In order to prevent corrosion, anti-rust treatment can be carried out on the steel structure, such as applying anti-rust paint. In addition, it is also possible to regularly check the water leakage of walls and roofs and repair them in time to avoid corrosion of metal materials caused by humid environments.

In addition to the above points, the daily maintenance of the steel structure hangar also includes the management and maintenance of the environment. First, make sure that the temperature and humidity inside the aircraft hangar are within the appropriate range. Excessive heat or humidity can cause damage to aircraft and equipment stored in them. Therefore, air conditioning and dehumidification equipment can be installed to control temperature and humidity. Secondly, it is necessary to regularly check and clean the drainage system around the hangar to ensure that rainwater and sewage can be discharged smoothly, so as to avoid the breeding of bacteria and insects in stagnant water and sewage. Finally, pay attention to the control of noise and vibration to avoid injury to staff and equipment.

In a word, the daily maintenance work of steel aircraft hangar is the key to ensure its normal operation and prolong its service life. The hangar is kept in good condition by regular cleaning, inspection and repair of facilities and equipment, anti-corrosion measures, and management and maintenance of the environment. This not only helps improve work efficiency and protect equipment, but also provides a safe and comfortable working environment. Therefore, every steel structure hangar should pay attention to daily maintenance work, and formulate corresponding plans and measures to implement it.