Steel structure workshop installation from Chilean customer

Project Name: workshop steel structure installation

Project Address: Chile

Building Structural: steel structure

Building Type: steel structure workshop

Steel Beam/column: H-beam

Purlin: C/Z shaped steel

Wall System: metal sandwich panel

Roof Panel: metal sheet

Completion Date: 2023-11-9

Service Life: Over 15 years

Project Description: This is a steel structure workshop construction project in Chile. Customers find us through the website and ask us about the price of steel structures used in building factory buildings. Our salesman explained to him in detail the materials used to build a steel structure workshop, including steel beams, steel columns, purlins, wall panels, roof panels, doors and windows, etc. Through communication with the customer, we gave him a plan and produced a 3D model drawing. After a period of negotiation, he felt that our services and related experience were relatively mature, and he finally agreed to order steel structures from our factory. Recently, we got in touch with him and asked about the construction status of his workshop. He sent us photos of him installing the steel structure of the workshop. Wishing him the early completion of the construction of the factory building and the return on production.

steel structure workshop installation

steel structure workshop construction