What is steel frame prefab homes?

Steel structure houses are widely used and have many advantages. So what is a steel frame prefab homes?

Steel frame prefab home is a kind of house made of new structure. The main materials are steel members, including steel columns, beams and steel plates. Advanced rust prevention and removal processes are used on the surface of the steel structure to increase the overall performance of the steel structure house. Welds and bolts are used to connect the steel structures.

In most construction sites, steel frame prefab homes will be built as temporary living areas to facilitate people’s daily life and ensure normal construction. However, attention should be paid to the steel structure houses to avoid hanging heavy objects, otherwise the danger of collapse will easily occur.

steel frame prefab home

What are the advantages of steel frame prefab homes?

1. The quality of factory fabrication of steel structures is guaranteed, and the accuracy of dimensions is relatively high. Moreover, the accessories of the steel structure houses are made in the factory and then installed, which greatly reduces the construction difficulty.

2. The weight of the prefab steel frame house is relatively light, and the strength is also very high. The weight of the house made of steel structure is only half of that of reinforced concrete. The use area will be about 4% more than the concrete area, increasing the use rate.

3. The safety of steel structure buildings is relatively high, and the seismic performance and wind resistance are also relatively strong. In the later stage, if it is not needed to be used, it can also be recycled, which will not cause any pollution to the environment during the whole disassembly process.

4. The size of steel structure will be determined according to the actual demand during production, so as to facilitate the later installation. In addition, the installation shall be carried out by professionals as far as possible to avoid potential safety hazards.