Layout types of purlins in steel structure factory house

Due to its large application area, the steel structure purlin is the main component in the purlin roof system and the truss structure. Therefore, the proportion of steel in the structure of the house is also larger. Therefore, in the planning of the steel structure factory house, attention should be paid to the method of selecting purlins reasonably, and the method of arranging the purlins of the steel layout.

Experience has shown that one of the useful ways to save steel for purlins is to properly increase the purlin distance and reduce the weight of roofing materials. As far as the section method of the purlin is concerned, it is usually divided into solid-belt type, empty-belt type and tip frame type purlin. Usually, the section width of 35~50 can be determined by the section height and the selected steel specification.

steel structure factory house

1. Channel steel purlin

Due to the thicker thickness of general channel steel, general channel steel and light-duty bad steel are often used as purlins. Most of them are designed for deflection control, and the strength cannot be fully exerted, so it has the defect of using a large amount of steel. The use of light-duty bad steel as purlins can improve the above-mentioned defects.

2.H-shaped steel purlin

High frequency welded H-section steel is a light-duty section steel. The bending stiffness is good, the inertia moment of the two symmetrical axes is relatively close, the flange is straight, and it is easy to connect. It is a kind of bad wall section steel.

3. Rolled channel steel purlin

Crimped bad steel is also called C-shaped steel. It is used as a purlin with good interchangeability and less steel consumption. It is suitable for extreme 1~1/3 conditions of the roof. At this moment, the effect line of the roof load is close to the bending center of its section. The rigidity of the main plane X uranium of the rolled edge Z-shaped steel purlin is large.

4. Rolled Z-shaped steel purlin

Crimped Z-shaped steel purlins are divided into two types: straight hemmed z-shaped and oblique hemmed z-shaped. The amount of steel used is small, and the selection of materials is convenient.

steel structure factory purlins

5. Angle steel purlin

Angle steel purlin is composed of single angle steel. However, the rigidity is suitable, and it is suitable for places with small span, purlin distance and load.

6. Combination stainless steel purlin

The combined stainless steel purlin is welded by two angle steels, and the amount of steel used is larger than that of ordinary channel steel. However, the welding operation is easy, and it is suitable for places with a span of 1~4m. It is welded by two pieces of angle steel.

7. Combination Z-shaped steel purlin

The combined Z-shaped steel purlin is suitable for 1~1/3 of the roof quilt, and it is more reasonable than the channel steel at this moment.