Cost budget of steel structure building engineering

Steel structure is the most common building structure in our building structure design, and the engineering cost is relatively high. What if we ask for a cost budget for a steel structure building engineering?

Basis for Pricing Based on Comprehensive Unit Price Method of Steel Structure Building Engineering

  • 1. The owner’s bidding documents.
  • 2. Construction drawing design of steel structure engineering.
  • 3. Relevant technical specifications, regulations and construction requirements.
  • 4. Construction site conditions and requirements.
  • 5. Market price information on labor services, materials, machinery, etc.
  • 6. The management and technical level of the construction enterprises in the area.
  • 7. Other factors to be considered.

steel structure building engineering

The bidding of steel structure building engineering construction enterprises should also consider the management level and bidding strategy of their own enterprises.

Calculation sequence of comprehensive unit price method for steel structure engineering

  • 1. Study relevant documents, norms and procedures.
  • 2. Familiar with the quota and site conditions.
  • 3. According to the sub-items of the bill of quantities and the comprehensive content of the list, etc., the direct costs of the sub-items of the list are determined according to the valuation basis.
  • 4. Calculate overheads, profits and taxes, etc. according to the determined rate.
  • 5. The direct costs, indirect costs, profits and taxes are added and combined into the full cost unit price.