Why are most modern houses built use steel structure?

Do you know why more and more modern houses are built with steel structure? The steel structure company will elaborate on relevant issues and advantages.

Steel structure house is a common type of house, and there are many villas in this type of house. You may wonder why it is not a traditional reinforced concrete structure, but a heavy steel structure. How should the heavy steel structure be constructed?

steel structure house

Heavy steel structure construction:

  • After pouring the foundation, the heavy steel such as I-beam shall be erected into the main frame by hoisting.
  • As an integral frame composed of beams and columns, heavy steel material is equivalent to a “frame structure”. Compared with traditional reinforced concrete structures, the construction is faster and more convenient, and the safety performance is more reliable.
  • The floor slab is paved with light steel materials. The specific method is to lay a layer of steel bearing plate, and then pour concrete. The concrete thickness is about ten centimeters of the general floor slab thickness.
  • After the light steel main body is built, the wall is built with red bricks, and lintels are set at the door and window openings.
  • After the wall masonry, the external wall shall be paved with insulation board, and the whole heavy steel structure+red brick masonry main body shall be completed.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of steel structure houses. What are the disadvantages of steel structure house? Is there anything that needs attention? What are the advantages of steel structure residence? Let’s have a look at the relevant introduction, so that we can have a certain understanding of some advantages and disadvantages of steel structure residence, and let’s have a look at the specific introduction.

The disadvantage of steel structure house is that compared with traditional structure, the house cost is higher. It is basically impossible to change the layout structure after completion. The surface is easy to be corroded, and the later maintenance cost is high.

steel structure residence

Advantages of steel structure house

1. The modern steel structure workshop is known as the “green factory”. The steel structure housing system has the comprehensive advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, easy installation, short construction period, good seismic performance, fast investment recovery, and less environmental pollution. The design of conventional steel structure residence has the following steps: steel structure workshop design software, correct use of structural software, and “engineering judgment” of its output results.

2. Evaluate the period of each direction, total shear force, deformation characteristics, etc. Drawing design of steel structure house: the drawing design of steel structure house is divided into two stages: design drawing and construction detail drawing. The design drawing is the basis for the manufacturer to prepare the construction detail drawing, and the depth and content shall be complete. In the design drawing, the design basis, load data, technical data, material selection and material requirements, design requirements, structural layout, member section selection and main node structure of the structure shall be clearly indicated. To facilitate the smooth preparation of construction details and correctly reflect the design intent.

3. The steel structure is very solid, but the wooden door and some decorations of the balcony must be paid attention to.

4. Wooden door is also a prominent problem in old houses. However, if the material is solid and you like its style, generally speaking, it can be refreshed by repainting. However, if the following problems occur, they must be dismantled and redone. The main problem depends on whether the wooden doors and windows are peeling and deformed. If so, it means that the characteristics of the wood itself have changed and must be replaced.

steel structure residence houses

What are the advantages of steel structure residence? There are many advantages, such as strong environmental protection, and its beauty is also high. You should understand these contents when shopping.

There are many advantages of steel structure houses, so more and more modern buildings will be built with steel structure, and people also like the building structure of this house very much.