How do steel structure manufacturers distinguish between heavy steel and light steel?

The light steel structure building system is mainly composed of structural steel materials such as hot-rolled light H steel, thin steel plate and thin-walled steel pipe, supplemented by various decorative connecting materials, which can meet the specific use functions and specific space requirements of the building. Lightweight fully assembled steel structure building.

1. Lifting weight of the workshop: greater than or equal to 25 tons, it can be considered that the steel structure workshop is welded by heavy steel.

2. The amount of steel used per square meter: greater than or equal to 50kg/㎡, it can be considered as a heavy steel workshop.

3. The thickness of the steel plate of the main components: greater than or equal to 10mm, and the light steel welding is less used.

light steel structure workshop

The range of ordinary steel structures is very wide, which can include all kinds of steel structures, regardless of the size of the load, and even many contents of light-duty steel structures. The technical specification of light-weight building steel structure only stipulates some more specific contents for its “light” characteristics, and the scope is only limited to single-story portal rigid frame. It can be seen that the difference between light steel and heavy steel is not in the weight of the structure itself, but in the weight of the envelope material, and the structural design concept is still the same.