Steel structure design for prefabricated workshop buildings

1. Reasonable selection of steel

In the steel structure design process of prefabricated workshop buildings, the selection of reasonable steel plays a very critical role. It can be said that the task of steel selection is both important and difficult. There are many types of steel, and it is difficult to choose the most suitable steel for the construction of prefabricated workshop buildings from among the many. Moreover, the current construction design of steel structure workshop also has high requirements for steel materials, and different prefabrication workshops have different requirements for steel structure strength, deformation and fatigue stress, so it is also difficult to choose.

Therefore, in order to give full play to the role of steel structures design, it is necessary to proceed from reality and scientifically select steel materials in combination with specific construction requirements. When choosing steel, it is also necessary to judge its applicability scientifically. At present, the span and load of building steel structures are relatively large, and they are mainly used in complex high-rise steel structure workshop or large prefab workshop. Therefore, steel must meet the requirements of prefabricated steel workshop building construction, be able to withstand high temperatures and vibrations, and be easy to disassemble. This requires that the designer needs to investigate and study before designing, make a comprehensive analysis, and fully consider the applicability of the steel structure before proceeding with the design work.

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2. Focus on designing the details of the steel structure

The design of the details of the steel structure of a building often has an important impact on the stability of the entire structure. Therefore, attention must be paid to the design of this aspect. This requires designers to carry out specific calculations on the stress system and detailed nodes of the steel structure after the steel structure scheme is determined, and to make scientific improvements according to the actual situation. As far as the design of the steel structure stress system is concerned, most prefabricated workshop buildings currently use a bar system structure. This structure requires that the steel must have a relatively high strength level, and the size of the section must meet the construction requirements. On-site assembly is carried out, and the binding force between components is small. This requires designers to grasp the design key points in the design process to ensure the stability of the connection between component nodes. When designing detail nodes, we must be meticulous, because the design content of detail nodes is relatively complicated, and must be designed strictly and in line with actual construction requirements.

3. Improve the stability of steel structure design

Steel structure designers first need to analyze its stability from the integrity of the structure, and fully consider the overall stiffness and instability of the steel structure. At present, the reduction factor method and the critical pressure solution method are used to calculate the stability of steel structure design. Generally, these two methods are also used to calculate the stability of axial compression bars. Because the internal force of the building steel structure will be affected by the large deformation of the flexible structure, not only the structural integrity characteristics, but also the second-order analysis must be fully considered when calculating the elastic stability. Designers cannot ignore this point.

In the construction of prefabricated steel structure workshops, the use of steel structures for design can not only make the prefab workshop building has a larger span space, but also has the advantages of convenient installation and low cost, so it makes it in steel structure workshop applications are becoming more and more widespread. With the prosperity and development of the industrial market, the number of prefabricated steel workshops will increase dramatically, which puts forward higher requirements for the design of prefab workshop. As a relevant designer, it is necessary to master the key points in the design of steel structure workshop, so as to ensure that the architectural design of prefabricated workshop buildings can be done better, and ultimately promote the better development of the steel structure engineering industry.