Does the steel frame structure workshop have seismic function?

The steel frame structure workshop has many advantages. If the design scheme of the steel structure workshop is qualified in the whole process of construction, the overall rules and regulations will be appropriately improved, and the vertical level will be transmitted and undertaken, thereby preventing the unbalance of the pressure rod and avoiding the excessive deformation and cracking of the components.

In addition, it is also necessary to set the overall plant height-width ratio, span and temperature section length and other conditions. The maintenance and maintenance of the steel frame structure workshop is simple. After the rust prevention is done, only regular maintenance is required. Because earthquake disasters are variable, sudden, and accompanied by great destructiveness, they cause serious harm to the safety of people’s lives, equipment and funds. Improving the seismic performance of steel factory buildings in the work of earthquake resistance and disaster prevention and mitigation plays a key role in the safety of maintenance.

steel frame structure workshop

First, the seismic performance advantages of steel frame structure workshops are first reflected from the raw materials.

The key load-bearing raw material of traditional workshops is brick-filled wall, which is a ductile raw material with weak seismic performance. The steel structure workshop is the selected light-shaped H-channel steel, cold-drawn thick-walled channel steel, round steel, small angle iron and profiled plate, color steel sandwich panel and other raw materials. It essentially illustrates the seismic advantages of steel factory buildings. Moreover, the structural displacement coefficient of the steel frame structure workshop is a very simple and modernized steel structure workshop at this stage.

Second, from the construction mode of the steel frame workshop, it is conducive to earthquake resistance.

The skeleton of the steel frame structure workshop adopts the triangular truss structure of cold-rolled sheet, and the key wall adopts the load-bearing frame shear structure of cold-rolled sheet. After the prefabricated components are laid with certain functional boards and gypsum boards, a solid “board rib structure management system” is formed. When there is an obvious earthquake disaster, there is always deformation, but it is not easy to collapse or rupture, which is beneficial to the staff to escape from danger, and the damage to the staff is relatively small. In addition, it also reduces the work intensity of rescue workers and improves efficiency.

steel frame structure

It must be noted that after the completion of the steel frame workshop, modification and damage cannot be carried out without the consent of the manufacturer. For example, randomly modifying the window and door specifications on the steel structure workshop, or remodeling the doors and windows in addition, will cause some gaps in the steel structure workshop to endanger the overall seismic capacity and the overall application period of the steel frame structure workshop. Once the overall seismic design scheme of the original steel structure workshop is destroyed, it will cause undulating harm to the workshop, and there will be certain risks in the event of earthquake disasters.