Structural layout design of steel structure houses

Steel structure house structure type:

The structural systems of common steel structure houses include frame structure, support structure, seismic wall panel structure, simplified structure and giant frame structure.

The seismic performance of a steel structure building depends on the selection of the structure. When carrying out actual engineering design, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors to optimize the scheme, and determine its suitable structural system during the optimization process.

steel structure building

Structural design principles of steel structure houses:

The choice of structural system and structural design of steel structure houses is related to the safety, applicability and economy of the structure. Like other types of building structures, multi-story steel structure buildings should adopt regular building plans as much as possible. When the structure is complex and the plane and elevation are particularly irregular, anti-seismic relays can be installed at appropriate positions according to actual needs, thereby forming multiple relatively regular lateral force-resistant structural units.

Since the structural deformation that the steel structure can withstand is greater than that of the concrete structure, it is generally not suitable to install seismic joints. When it must be provided, the seismic joint width should not be less than 1.5 times that of the corresponding reinforced concrete structure building.

steel structure house

Applicable height and aspect ratio for steel structure houses:

Determine the structural type and applicable height according to the overall height of the structure and the seismic fortification intensity. The aspect ratio of the structure is an important parameter that affects the overall stability and seismic performance of the structure, and it has a direct impact on the structural stiffness, lateral displacement and vibration form.

The height ratio refers to the ratio of the total height of the house to the smallest width of the plan. When the height-to-width ratio is large, on the one hand, the structure produces a large horizontal displacement and P-A effect, and the column produces a large axial force due to the overturning moment. Therefore, it is necessary to set a limit value for the maximum aspect ratio of steel structure buildings, which should not be greater than a reasonable limit value. If it exceeds, special research should be carried out and necessary anti-seismic measures should be taken.