How long is the service life of the steel structure house?

The steel structure house is designed according to the 50 year application cycle during the structural design, so the steel structure house designed normally can be used for 50 years. However, the life of the house will be affected by other factors such as climate conditions.

Service life of steel structure house

There are no specific requirements for the service life of steel structures in the code, but in structural design, most of the load statistics based on 50 years are adopted according to the load code. In other words, the probability of steel structure failure due to excessive load within 50 years under normal design is very small. Because once the steel structure rusts, the mechanical properties of the structure will be difficult to ensure. For steel structures that have been used for more than 25 years, there are also better anti-corrosion measures. For light steel structure plants, the quality assurance of suppliers of these plates and other components is generally about 10 years.

steel structure house

Factors Affecting the Service Life of Steel Structure House

The service life of a steel structure house depends on its own quality, climatic conditions, indoor temperature and humidity, and whether there is corrosive gas in the workshop. When building steel structure houses, if effective anti-corrosion, fire prevention and oxidation prevention measures are taken. The service life of steel structure house will be greatly increased if the maintenance measures are well implemented. The service life of steel structure houses is determined by the surrounding environmental standards, local climate conditions and maintenance conditions.

In general, the structural design is based on a 50 year cycle. Therefore, the service life of normally designed steel structure buildings is 50 years. However, the life of houses will be affected by climate conditions.