What are the factors affecting the cost of steel structure canopy?

1. The cost of steel structure canopy is generally determined according to the scale, available place, appearance and posture of the canopy. The larger the total area of the canopy, the higher the load of the steel frame used, the thicker the stainless steel plate, and the higher the price relativity. In addition, the prices of stainless steel plates are different.

2. The application parts of steel structure canopy are different, and the quotation is also different. The general canopy materials are made of explosion-proof glass, laminated glass and steel frame structure. It has the characteristics of strong moisture resistance, beautiful and generous shape planning and so on.

steel structure parking shed

3. The structural of steel construction canopy is different, and the quotation is also different. For example, the PC fully transparent PC endurance board used in residential areas and dwellings. Different styles, different standards, different regions and different prices.

4. The shape planning of steel frame structure is also very important, with both applicability and beauty. The higher the completion rate of the planning scheme, the higher the manufacturing process, and the higher the quotation of the steel structure canopy.

steel structure canopy

5. The cost of steel structure canopy is also related to the scale of the construction planning enterprise. The higher the reputation of large enterprises, the different planning ideas, and the higher the quotation.

6. The cost of extra large steel structure canopy shall be determined according to the total area of appearance planning. The price of the graph structure is higher than that of the parallel line structure. If the complexity of the structure is different, the price is also different.