What kind of panel is more suitable for build a refrigerated warehouse?

When building a refrigerated warehouse, it is very important to choose the right panel. Not only insulation performance needs to be considered, but also the durability, cost and feasibility of the panels. At present, the boards commonly used in the market are polystyrene foam boards, polyurethane foam boards and rock wool boards. The panels are compared below to find the best one for construction a refrigerated warehouse.

The first is polystyrene foam board (EPS board). EPS panel is a common thermal insulation material with good thermal insulation and heat insulation properties. It has the advantages of light density, low water absorption and convenient construction. In addition, EPS panels also have low cost and are suitable for the construction of large-scale cold storage warehouses. However, EPS boards have low strength, are easily affected by external forces, and are susceptible to mechanical damage. Therefore, when choosing an EPS board, it is necessary to consider the weight and storage method of the goods in the warehouse to ensure that it can withstand external forces.

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Followed by polyurethane foam panel (PU panel). PU panel is a board with good thermal insulation performance and strength. Compared with EPS boards, PU panels have higher strength and better compression resistance. In addition, the durability of PU board is also good, and it is not easy to be damaged by machinery. PU board is also mildew-proof and moisture-proof, suitable for building cold storage warehouses. However, the cost of PU panel is relatively high, and the construction is relatively complicated, which requires professional construction personnel to operate. Therefore, when choosing PU boards, it is necessary to fully consider the project budget and construction conditions.

The last is the rock wool board. Rock wool board is an insulation material made of rock fibers. It has excellent thermal insulation performance, heat insulation performance and sound absorption performance. Rock wool panel has high density, high strength and good compressive performance. In addition, rock wool panel also has the characteristics of fire prevention, mildew resistance and corrosion resistance. However, the cost of rock wool board is high, and the construction complexity is also high. When choosing rock wool board, you need to consider the project budget, construction conditions and warehouse use requirements.

To sum up, it is necessary to consider multiple factors comprehensively to choose which plate is more suitable for building a cold storage warehouse. If the budget is limited and the warehouse does not need to bear excessive external force, you can choose polystyrene foam panel. If higher strength and durability are required in the warehouse, polyurethane foam panels can be selected. If you need better thermal insulation performance and fire performance, you can choose rock wool board. The final choice should be determined based on specific needs and feasibility. At the same time, when selecting plates, it is also necessary to pay attention to selecting qualified suppliers to ensure that the quality and performance of the plates meet the requirements.