Are polyurethane wall panels suitable for building houses?

Are polyurethane wall panels suitable for building houses? Yes, it is. Polyurethane sandwich wall panel, which uses color steel plate as the panel on both sides and polyurethane core filled in the middle, is made through the process of raw material blending, mold infusion, high temperature steam pressing and other processes.

The reason why polyurethane wall panels can be used to build houses is that it has many features. Polyurethane sandwich panel is not only earthquake resistant, frost resistant and malleable, but also has the advantages of fireproof, moisture proof, heat insulation, sound insulation and long service life.

polyurethane wall panels

The inner layer of sandwich wall panel is equipped with inorganic foam profiles or other heat insulation materials with reasonable layout of heat insulation and sound absorption, and the wall panel is poured, leveled and scientifically maintained by assembly line. The panels can be applied to the construction of insulated houses, warehouses of steel structure plants, offices, workshops and other construction fields. For example, insulation house construction, rural transformation of the outer fence, the construction of houses in the plant, partition in the office, bathroom partition, the internal partition wall of residential buildings, etc.

The length of wall sandwich panels is 2.44 meters, width is 0.61 meters and thickness is between 75-150 mm, which can be cut in different degrees according to different construction needs. In addition, the thickness of the plate is not the same, that is to say, the material composition of the lightweight partition board is not the same heavy, then its price is not the same.

In storage need to pay attention to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, we can place the rest of the sandwich wall panels in the warehouse, or construction sites with shade, but also can be covered with thatched cloth. When placed in the warehouse depot, we should plan neatly and sort out the placement of it, according to different products, generally each pile can be stacked up to 2-3 meters high. For the convenience of use, the pallet should be placed at the bottom of the stack beforehand, and the quality of the pallet itself and the flatness of the placement should be guaranteed.