PU sandwich panels for steel storage garage arrive in New Zealand

This is a steel structure garage construction project in New Zealand. This storage garage is used by the customer to store his family car, bicycle, lawn mower, maintenance tools, and some other miscellaneous items.

This steel storage garage was constructed using a steel frame and color steel sandwich panels. Our steel structure is galvanized and has good anti-corrosion function. The wall panels and roof panels of the enclosure system are color steel sandwich panels made of polyurethane.

Polyurethane pu sandwich panel

Polyurethane pu sandwich panel has good fire resistance, thermal insulation, beautiful appearance, and the appearance color can be customized. The steel storage garage built with pu sandwich panels has good use value and ornamental value.

We are a professional steel structure design and manufacturer for workshops, warehouses, garages, sheds, etc. These PU sandwich panels took only 10 days from production to delivery, and were shipped from Qingdao Port to New Zealand. Now that he has received the goods, he is very satisfied.