Guyana 50mm thick pir sandwich panel package shipment

The pir sandwich panel produced this time is a 50mm thick metal sheet sandwich panel customized by a Guyana customer. The owner customized these pir panels for building insulation. PIR sandwich panels have good thermal insulation and flame resistance properties, and are widely used in energy-saving projects that require flame resistance and fire protection. Now the 50mm thick PIR panels produced by our factory have been produced, and the workers are packing the trucks, transporting them to Qingdao Port, and then transporting them to Guyana by sea.

The core polyurethane rigid foam of the PIR sandwich panel generally adopts the formula system of polyester polyol, higher isoester index (above 250), no or less flame retardant, and the skeleton structure of the foam is made of carbamic acid It is composed of ester segment and urethane-modified isocyanurate segment.

Because of its network structure, PIR foam has large chemical energy and strong combination, so it has good heat resistance, and it is relatively difficult to destroy its molecular structure even when it is burned, which improves the flame retardancy.

pir sandwich panel

pir sandwich panel package shipment