Sandwich panel roofing system for prefabricated buildings

The prefabricated flexible roof used in prefabricated buildings is a new integrated and prefabricated flexible sandwich panel roofing system. It is a self-supporting composite panel composed of coiled material and profiled steel plate as the surface layer, and a special rock wool core material bonded between the surface layers. Manufactured on the factory’s continuous sandwich panel production line, it is a rigid and flexible assembled building material product with the advantages of different materials.

In addition to excellent performance, the prefabricated properties of the sandwich panel roofing system are also a highlight. The panel is an integrated product prefabricated by the Canglong factory, and the installation process only needs three simple steps: positioning, nailing, and welding.

prefabricated building sandwich panel roofing

The prefabricated roofing system relies on the prefabrication of sandwich panels in the factory in the early stage of construction, which avoids the waste of materials caused by the traditional roof system construction site, reduces the generation of construction waste, and has the characteristics of green and energy saving. And the construction time is also greatly shortened, reducing labor costs. In addition, there are few installation procedures, and the waterproof performance of the board will not be damaged during the construction process.

Under the background of double carbon, prefabricated buildings have become an indispensable part in the construction of low-carbon cities. Canglong Group has worked hard for more than ten years, and has always kept innovating. In recent years, following the environmental protection goals, it has launched a series of prefabricated steel structure roofs.