What is the fire performance of rock wool sandwich panels?

Rock wool sandwich panel is a kind of better board, and the products produced and sold by the company have many advantages.

rock wool sandwich panel

Advantages of rock wool sandwich panels

1. Excellent fire resistance: The raw materials, production process and formula used in rock wool sandwich panel make it have good fire resistance. Tests have shown that it has a fire resistance of over 1000°C. The rock wool sandwich panel has been tested by the Italian testing agency, and it meets the fire protection requirements according to the standard. The test results are as follows: 150mm thick rock wool sandwich panel RE130 80mm, thick rock wool sandwich panel REL60 100mm thick rock wool sandwich panel REL120.

2. Good thermal insulation performance: The thermal insulation performance is calculated based on the thermal conductivity of rock wool = 0.043W/㎡K and the thickness of the rock wool core material in the corresponding proportion.

rock wool sandwich panel

3. The effect of sound absorption and heat insulation is remarkable:

  • Sound insulation: The rock wool sandwich panel has a good reduction effect on noise transmission, and is especially suitable for places where designated flights pass. In addition, after the rock wool roof panel is used, the indoor sound caused by the impact of rain and hail on the roof steel plate of the building is also significantly reduced. Through the test, a sandwich panel with a density of 120kg/m³ and rock wool as the core material is selected, and the sound insulation effect can reach RW=29-30dB.
  • Sound absorption: The rock wool sandwich panel also has a good attraction effect, it can absorb sound in a relatively wide frequency range, and the sound absorption performance of the rock wool sandwich panel reaches DELTA LA=15.7dB(A).