How about the heat preservation effect of EPS color steel sandwich panel?

EPS color steel sandwich panel is a kind of insulation board widely used. In many cases, it can even be used in the construction design of public buildings, which can be said to be a very good choice.

In some environments, it is inevitable to use insulation board. In order to create a good thermal insulation environment, it is necessary to use a certain kind of plate, and EPS color steel sandwich panel is such a kind of plate. Color steel foam sandwich panel can achieve a good thermal insulation effect, so that the surrounding temperature can be effectively controlled. Compared with the general insulation board, the insulation effect of color steel foam sandwich panel is still outstanding.

EPS color steel foam sandwich panel is very environmentally friendly, without any pollution to the environment and no threat to human health. Then, with this, it will be completely superior to other plates. Color steel sandwich panels also have certain fire resistance, which will make the use environment safer.

EPS color steel sandwich panel

Composition of EPS sandwich panel

EPS foam sandwich panel is mainly composed of upper and lower layers of steel and insulation materials in the middle. The width of EPS color steel sandwich panel is generally kept at 1m, which is more convenient for manufacturing and use.

The shape design of EPS sandwich panel mainly includes small ripple, medium groove and flat type. Different shapes of profiles can be selected according to different needs. No matter which one has light self weight and fire resistance, it is more practical.