The advantages of light steel structure is embodied in what respect?

Application advantages of light steel structure

1. Short construction period

The biggest advantage of the light steel structure is that all components can be spliced ​​and installed on site by the factory. For small-scale industrial plants, it only takes 45 days to 2 months, and if reinforced concrete buildings are used, it takes about 8 to 12 months.

light steel structure

2. Good comprehensive economic benefits

  • Due to the short construction period, it can be put into use in advance and obtain investment benefits in advance.
  • More because of the use of brightly colored color profiled steel plates, it is beautiful and gorgeous, improving the dynamic sense of the surrounding environment.
  • Because of the light weight of the building itself, there is no need to do pile foundations under normal circumstances, which can save investment.
  • Due to the use of polystyrene hexene foam sandwich panels or veneer and insulation cotton, the effects of heat preservation, heat insulation and chapter separation are good.
  • The color steel plate is made of galvanized as the substrate and silicone as the surface.
  • According to the current market price, the cost of light steel structure is already lower than that of reinforced concrete structure. When the span of the workshop is larger, its advantages are more obvious, which is also a major advantage for it to compete.

3. Good seismic performance

Because the steel construction is a flexible structure and has a light weight, it can effectively reduce the earthquake response and the degree of disaster impact, which is very beneficial to earthquake resistance. If it is a country with many earthquake areas, steel structure should be widely used in buildings in earthquake areas, which will greatly reduce earthquake disasters and casualties.

prefab steel structure

4. Suitable for dismantling and relocation

Once the owner is dissatisfied with the factory site or unexpected changes in the external environment, the entire building can be demolished in a very short time with minimal loss, all of which are not available in reinforced concrete buildings.