The main factors affecting the quotation of steel workshop building structure

Due to the relatively low cost of steel structure buildings, it has been recognized by many manufacturers. Generally, the workshops of large-scale production enterprises use steel structure processing workshops. Compared with traditional construction workshops, steel structure workshop building are far superior to traditional construction workshops in terms of construction cycle and engineering quality. Moreover, the steel workshop building structure can be recycled, which is of great significance in environmental protection. What are the main factors affecting the quotation of steel structure workshop?

steel workshop building structure

Reasons Affecting the Price of Steel Structure of Workshop Buildings

1. The area where the project is located.

For localized enterprises that are slightly better, foreign enterprises need to consider the differences in the material market, processing costs, construction specifications and standards in the construction area, and make a comprehensive quotation.

2. The type of steel structure building (such as: steel structure workshop, steel structure garage, office building, or mezzanine, stairs, billboards, outdoor elevator shafts, steel structure canopy carports, etc…).

3. The size of the project.

4. The location and height of construction.

5. Materials used.

The cost of steel workshop building structure is affected by many factors, and there are huge differences in the use of materials in the workshop. Compared with imported steel, domestic steel has a great advantage in price, and whether the steel structure factory building should have skylights, workshop bays, spans, whether there are cranes, crane tonnage, and working level are many factors that affect the cost of steel contruction workshops. important factor.

building steel structure

6. Technology and craftsmanship.

The cost of technology will also become a factor affecting the quotation of steel structure workshops. The steel structure company is widely used in modern construction projects by virtue of its advanced production technology, excellent design and construction team, accurate and fast assembly, and easy sealing structure.

7. Special requirements of customers, such as special requirements for load-bearing, anti-corrosion, fire prevention, etc.