Common anti-corrosion methods of steel structures

At present, the users, designers and constructors of steel structure still do not pay enough attention to the long-term anti-corrosion of steel structures, still stay in the traditional anti-corrosion technology, and the later maintenance may not keep up. Moreover, even the traditional coating anti-corrosion may cause premature corrosion or damage to the steel construction due to the poor technology in the construction process.

At present, the quality lifelong system is adopted for the design and construction of steel structure anti-corrosion engineering. And the government has put forward clear life requirements for the anti-corrosion design and manufacturing of steel structures. Therefore, no matter what technology is adopted for steel structure anti-corrosion, strict quality inspection and supervision must be carried out.

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Coating method is a common method in steel structures anti-corrosion construction at present. The following matters shall be paid attention to in the construction process:

1. After painting, steel members shall be isolated and protected to prevent stepping.

2. After coating, in case of strong wind or rain within 4h, it shall be covered to prevent dust and moisture from adhering and affecting the adhesion of the coating.

3. The coating shall be prevented from being damaged during transportation.

4. When the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, corresponding low-temperature coating materials shall be selected for coating; When the temperature is higher than 40 ℃, the coating operation shall be stopped.

5. When the air humidity is greater than 85%, or there is condensation on the component surface, the coating operation should not be carried out.

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The anti-corrosion engineering of steel structures directly determines the durability of steel structure after construction. After the actual construction, the maintenance and repair of coating is also an important method to improve the corrosion resistance of steel structural. However, in the final analysis, the best way to improve the anti-corrosion performance of steel structure is to do a good job of atmospheric anti-corrosion coating in steel structures anti-corrosion engineering and correctly use the coating process. Select the appropriate coating, pay attention to the coating method and quality control in the construction process, and the corrosion-resistant defects of steel structure will be greatly reduced.