Which processes of light steel building factory are prone to quality problems?

With the continuous development of modern building technology, many building structures use light steel structure as the main load-bearing structure. Because of the particularity of steel structure, steel structure buildings are superior to traditional buildings in both shape and safety. Steel structure factory building is the product of the development of building technology. Steel buildings are generally used as industrial plants, but not as other structural buildings. The main construction purpose is to build according to the owner’s preference.

Various quality problems will occur in the early processing and later construction of the light steel building factory, so which processes of the steel structure factory building are prone to quality problems? Give us a brief introduction.

light steel building factory

Construction problems of steel members in light steel building factory

As the main components of steel structure factory, how does the processing quality of components affect the installation of light steel building factory? The accurate processing size of steel members is the basis and premise to ensure the accuracy of the overall structure size of the plant and the smooth installation. It is necessary to accurately master the straightness and distortion of steel columns, the distance between the connecting holes of steel columns and steel beams and the column base plate, the processing accuracy of the connecting holes themselves, the straightness of roof beams and the processing accuracy of the connecting plates of columns and beams, the position and size of the tie rods or support connecting plates on the beams and columns relative to the beams and columns, and the position and size of purlin plates.

The processing dimensions of engineering components meet the relevant actual requirements, and the distance between the hole location and the connecting plate can be consistent. During installation, there will be no dislocation or incorrect hole position, so that the processing quality of the components can meet the actual requirements, so that various situations will not occur during the installation of the steel structure factory building structure. Such as inaccurate hole location, improper connection of length or straightness between components and corresponding components, etc.

Therefore, the processing and manufacturing of such components must be carried out according to the corresponding design drawings, and the processed steel components must also be inspected to confirm that the relevant steel components meet the actual requirements, so that the installation of the light steel building factory structure can meet the quality requirements.

light steel structure building

Processing problems of steel structure factory building

First, setting out and blanking process. Setting out and blanking of steel structure workshop is the premise of processing steel components. The setting out and blanking shall be processed according to the requirements of the design drawings. In many cases, because the construction personnel ignored the importance of the drawing requirements, the processing and manufacturing were carried out privately, which made the processing and manufacturing quality of the steel members fail to meet the requirements, seriously affecting the next process, reducing the quality of the steel members of the steel structure plant, thus reducing the quality of the entire frame structure.

Second, the assembly process. The assembly process of light steel building workshop is an important installation step in the whole structure. Whether the structure of the steel structure factory building is stable and firm depends on the quality of the assembly process. The assembly process of steel building workshop is affected by processing and blanking factors. In many cases, the overall installation quality and progress have declined due to the substandard processing quality of steel members. The deviation of steel members, the construction personnel’s neglect of the construction steps, and the mistakes in the installation of steel members are all quality problems that are easy to occur during the assembly process. Therefore, attention should be paid to these problems when installing the steel structure building workshop.

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Third, welding procedure. The steel structure factory building is one of the main ways of welding connection of steel members, and the unconnected parts are connected by bolts. Welding is one of the relatively hidden processes. Due to the poor welding quality, there are many engineering cases of back welding, and the welding quality is related to the connection quality of the entire structure. Professional welders shall be used for welding in light steel building factory, and the welding must be full without missing welding. Flaw detection shall be carried out after welding to check whether the welding is qualified.

Fourth, the painting process. The coating of light steel building factory is the premise to improve the anti-corrosion and fire protection performance, and the coating thickness and quality affect the anti-corrosion effect