How to select steel structure manufacturers?

At present, there are many steel structure manufacturers in the market, so they are confused when choosing steel structure companies, and do not know how to choose. Now Canglong steel structure manufacturer will talk about how to choose a steel structure manufacturer from several points.

Selection of steel structure manufacturers

1. Understand the development trend and scale of steel structure manufacturers.

2. What honors did the steel structure manufacturer obtain. In the process of communication with the steel structure company, we should check the enterprise qualification honor certificate, product quality certificate, ecological environment management system product certification certificate, quality system management method product certification certificate of the steel structure company, as well as the certification marks of some local industrial and commercial administrations and quality and technology supervision bureaus.

3. Capacity of steel structure manufacturers. You can investigate the engineering construction cases of enterprises that have cooperated with the steel structure company. The steel structure processing starts from the work content of the other enterprise. The purchase, scheme design, production and processing, engineering construction and assembly of various fields refer to the professional horizontal grid processing of the steel structure company.

steel structure manufacturers

Difficulties encountered by steel structure manufacturers during steel structure construction:

1. The color steel roof on the construction site is fake and shoddy, and the roof is thick and thin.

2. The dimensional accuracy of prefabricated members in engineering construction is not well controlled. Compulsory composition during installation results in some additional forces on the steel structure.

3. For gutter assembly, replace the 3mm plate with 2mm thick plate and place it on the component immediately.

4. The support withdraws the butt plate.

5. Self tapping screws were not equipped with waterproof caps and silicone structural adhesive was not applied.

6. The total number of roof purlins shall be reduced, and the roof purlins without pipe support shall be fixed with general anchor screws.

7. During the assembly of the grid, the tension test of the knot throwing ball was not conducted, and the deflection value of the grid could not be inspected after the installation.