Future development of fabricated steel structure buildings

Looking back on the development of prefabricated buildings, from the questioning of “prefabricated”, to focusing on the development of “prefabricated steel structures“, and then to the coordinated development of intelligent construction and new building industrialization, prefabricated buildings are developing and developing under this background. Forward. Today’s development achievements are hard-won, and are the result of the unremitting pursuit, succession and common struggle of a large number of enterprises and people of insight under the guidance of national and local policies.

prefabricated steel structures

The reason why the construction method has undergone unprecedented and profound changes and has gradually embarked on the road of new construction industrialization is at least due to the exploration of the following aspects:

1. From the national level, adhere to the development direction of the industrialization of steel structure buildings, take “fabrication” as the driving force and direction, and issue a series of encouraging policies to support technological innovation of enterprises, which greatly promotes the traditional extensive construction method to new industrialized construction way change.

2. From the enterprise level, adhere to the two-wheel drive of technology and management, use technological innovation to drive management model innovation, use management innovation to promote the transformation of technological achievements, and actively cultivate enterprise technology integration capabilities and organizational management coordination capabilities, thus building a new comprehensive development of the enterprise. power.

3. From the industry level, adhere to systematic advancement, take integrated construction as the goal, take standardized design as the main line, vigorously promote the coordinated development of factory production, assembly construction, integrated decoration and information management, and strive to fully demonstrate the advantages of prefabricated buildings .

4. From the industrial level, adhere to the thinking of industrial development, establish the business philosophy of taking construction as a “product”, encourage the development of enterprise-specific system innovation, vigorously promote the general contracting organization model of engineering, and drive all links of the industrial chain to move forward together, A new ecology and a new pattern for the development of the modern construction industry have been initially formed.

Steel structures buildings

The industrialized construction method has rich scientific connotations and distinct characteristics of the times. Each production factor, including production materials, labor, production technology, organization and management, information resources, etc., can fully reflect greening, industrialization, and informatization in the construction method. , intensification and socialization, fully in line with the new requirements of high-quality development of the construction industry in the new era.

The future of steel structure buildings is to walk out a new road of building industrialization represented by prefabricated steel structure buildings through the two-wheel drive of technological innovation and management innovation. In the future of the construction industry, a comprehensive innovation of production methods and management modes must be realized, and traditional construction methods with high investment, high pollution and low efficiency must be changed through industrialized construction methods. At the same time, the development of prefabricated steel structure buildings must have scientific and orderly organizational planning, must do top-level design at the height of industrial development, and must have the spirit of industrial focus and perseverance.

We believe that by vigorously developing prefabricated buildings and taking the road of new construction industrialization, we will definitely guide the construction industry to move from low-end to mid-high-end, realize the transformation from extensive construction to green and intensive construction, and improve the development quality, efficiency and efficiency of steel structure buildings. International Competitiveness. In the future, prefabricated steel structure buildings will definitely embark on the development road of green, industrialization, informatization, intensification and socialization, and will realize the modernization of the steel structure building industry.