How to calculate the price of steel structure workshop?

Steel structures have the characteristics of light weight, high space utilization, reusability, and short construction period, and are now widely used in plant construction. So do you know how to calculate the price of a steel structure workshop?

Before figuring out this problem, first of all we have to explain what factors affect the price of steel structure workshops.

1. The amount of steel used

The main structural raw material of the steel structure workshop is steel, which accounts for about 70%-80% of the total cost of the steel structure workshop. The amount of steel used determines the price of the steel structure workshop to a large extent. However, the amount of steel used itself is not a fixed value. It is also affected by the type of structure of the factory building, such as the size of the area, the number of floors, the height of the factory building, the span of the factory building, whether it is a trailer, and so on. Relative to the factory buildings of the same structure, the large-area factory buildings must be larger than the steel beams used in the small-area factory buildings. The steel consumption of a multi-storey factory building is basically the steel consumption of a single-story factory building with the same area multiplied by the number of layers of the factory building. Considering the higher the height of the workshop, the larger the span, the need for trailers and other factors, the thicker the steel plate used needs to be to meet the load-bearing requirements of the workshop, and the greater the amount of steel required.

steel structure building

2. The price of steel

Although the price of steel fluctuates, it is relatively transparent, and the price of steel on the day can be directly checked on the Internet. However, for some factories with special requirements, alloy steel may be used, and the price is higher than that of ordinary steel. The second is the material and thickness of the outer protective plate, whether it is a brand or ordinary color plate, its thickness, coating, insulation material and thickness, and prices are different, and whether it needs special requirements for anti-corrosion and fire protection, etc. , the price varies according to.

3. Civil engineering

The foundation is the civil construction, and the cost is 15% of the total cost of the steel structure workshop. The price of this part is mainly affected by factors such as the load-bearing of the factory building, and the price is relatively transparent.

4. Doors and windows

The number and size of doors and windows designed in the factory determine the amount and price of doors and windows, which should also be determined according to the actual amount of doors and windows.

steel structure workshop

The above are the main aspects that determine the price of steel structure workshop. It can be seen from the above factors that even if the area of ​​the steel structure workshop is the same, the design scheme used is different, the components are different, the requirements are different, and even the way of use is different, the final effect will be different, of course, the price will also be different. It was spotty. The specific cost is related to the design scheme and technical requirements. It is recommended that you can take your own factory drawings and find professional manufacturers for quotation and comparison.