Construction of two story steel structure workshop interlayer

The construction of the partition of the steel structure workshop interlayer needs to be calculated according to the specific size. However, the specific types of storage items will affect the load-bearing requirements of the steel structure. If you put heavy objects, you must calculate the load-bearing capacity.

1. Channel steel or I-beam to build the workshop compartment. In general, channel steel can be used, but the bending strength of I-beam will be higher, and of course the cost will be higher.

2. The second floor of the factory building is constructed. First, special personnel are required to measure the warehouse, and then plan and design to understand the load-bearing demand area. Then, the plane drawing is issued for confirmation, and finally, the production is completed and then the delivery and installation are completed.

two story steel structure workshop

3. Before manufacturing a two storey steel structure workshop, it is best to find a few comparisons, and find a professional steel structure workshop manufacturing company to design the design scheme of the steel structure of the workshop.

4. Determine the raw materials used for the workshop steel structure  (the span exceeds 3.5 meters, it is best to use the national standard steel). It is not advisable for some unprofessional factory steel structure manufacturers to recommend customers to use square steel (square steel cannot be completely rusted inside and outside. Simple oxidation, the thickness is relatively thin). To be exact, channel steel or I-beam should be used.

5. The welding of channel steel and angle steel must be in the same plane. When welding under the channel steel, it will be unrealistic when placing the board, and it must be leveled after welding.

6. It is also very important to use the insert welding method to prevent rust at the connection between the channel steel and the channel steel. It is easy to absorb moisture and difficult to dissipate moisture. It is best to do a rust removal treatment before manufacturing.

7. Before fixing the channel steel, the side of the channel steel against the wall should be painted with anti-rust paint, but the other parts should be painted after welding, otherwise it will affect the welding work.

steel structure workshop interlayer

8. For the purchase of steel structures (channel steel, I-beam), we generally have 10, 12, 14, and 16 specifications to choose from. No matter which specification is selected, it is recommended to use “national standard” steel. Because its steel quality and specifications are better than “non-standard steel”, non-standard steel has high hardness, brittle steel, poor ductility, and is not easy to cut and punch.

9. The I-beam and channel steel must be of the same specification, and “full welding” must be selected. The main keel should be a whole steel, and intermediate welding is strictly prohibited.

10. The expansion screw is best to use the extended type. It is not that the steel with the larger specification is better, and the problem of self-weight should be considered.