Steel column reinforcement in steel structure processing

The steel structure composed of steel columns and steel beams is one of the most commonly used structural forms in the construction industry today. In order to ensure the service life of the steel structure, the manufacturing quality of the steel column is a very critical issue in the steel structure processing technology. Regarding the manufacturing process of steel construction, Canglong Group gives the following points:

Reinforcement of steel columns

The cross section of the reinforcement column, the section of the steel structure reinforcement column is usually steel plate or section steel, which is combined with the original column by welding or bolts. Increase the support, increase the support, reduce the free length of the column, increase the bearing capacity, increase the stability of the column, while keeping the section size unchanged. By modifying the simplified calculation diagram, the external loads and internal forces are reduced. The use of reinforced concrete envelope structure can significantly improve the stress of the structure.

steel structure

Column unloading method

In the case of unloading, for columns that need to be reinforced or replaced, the method of “joist-to-column replacement” can be used. If the steel structure only needs to strengthen the upper column, the roof truss can be supported by the crane girder bridge support to reduce the load of the column. When the main reinforcement of some columns or the construction process requires the lower column to be cut off, a long-term joist can be installed under the crane girder to distribute the load of the upper column (including the load of the crane beam) to the adjacent columns, but the adjacent columns must be Check and reinforce.

When adopting this method, it must be considered that when the lower column is replaced by the bracket, some deformation of the bracket will occur, which will cause the original frame to settle, thereby destroying the connection point with the connecting part of the frame. For this purpose, a temporary load can be applied to the joist beforehand, thereby making the joist pre-flexible. According to this method, the order is: reinforcement of adjacent columns, welding of joists to adjacent columns, temporary loading, welding of joists and center columns, removal of temporary loads, and reinforcement or truncating of lower columns.

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Column foot reinforcement

When the thickness of the bottom plate of the column foot is not enough, the column foot stiffener should be added to the reinforced concrete structure to reduce the calculated bending moment of the base. When the concrete is poured in the column foot steel, the bottom plate of the column foot is the rigid block. To improve adhesion, paint and rust on the surface of the column base should be removed.

In the case of a relatively wide concrete foundation, this method can be used to drill a small hole in the concrete foundation, then insert an anchor rod, pour epoxy cement, fill the entire column foot with steel bars, and then put the new The rebar protrudes into the foundation and is welded with the original rebar.

From the above, we can understand the reinforcement method of steel columns in steel structure processing. Therefore, it must be operated correctly when using it, so that it can play a good role in processing.