The level of steel structure design determines the overall quality of the building engineering

If the designer neglects the analysis of internal and external forces in the design of the steel structure, it may cause damage to the column foot joints, resulting in deformation of the steel structure or damage to the building structure.

In the construction of a building engineering, structural design is an important part, which directly affects the subsequent construction of the building engineering and the overall performance of the project. The level of steel structure design determines the overall quality of the construction project, so it is necessary to do a good job in the rational design of the building structure.

Due to the influence of various factors, some problems often appear in the building structure design . In order to ensure the good performance of building structures, the importance of building structure design must be recognized, and effective measures must be taken to solve design problems, which is also the focus of building engineering construction.

steel structure design

In building structure design, steel structure design is widely used, and its design quality affects the overall quality of construction projects. However, the lack of quality assurance in steel structure design is a difficult point in architectural design at present. There are many reasons for this problem, such as: limited ability of designers, lack of experience, and insufficient implementation of structural details.

At the same time, according to the current construction market, some construction units will outsource the steel structure design, resulting in a disconnect between the steel structure design and the overall structural design of the building. This will not only affect the scientific nature of the steel structure design, but also fail to guarantee the design quality of the contractor and increase the instability of the steel structure design.

The welding of joints and structures is an important part of steel structure design, and also a key factor affecting the stability and firmness of steel structures. Engineering pays more attention to the construction process, but does not pay enough attention to structural design, often ignoring the value of structural design, which leads to problems in steel structure design.

At present, the design content of steel structure is relatively single, and the form is stereotyped, which cannot meet the diverse market needs. For example, the current types of column foot design mainly include embedded design, outsourced design and exposed design. Different column foot designs are applied differently in engineering.