How to reduce the conflict of steel columns in steel structure engineering?

In order to make the steel column conflict accurately echo the steel structure equipment, corresponding reinforcement measures must be taken. At present, the commonly used steel column reinforcement includes inter column support, tie bars, and member support, which have obvious characteristics in the range of conflict prevention features. The replacement of sliding lead screw with steel ball lead screw on the top of the feeding system can also achieve different results.

At present, steel structure engineering adopts steel ball screw drive without exception. The reinforcement conflict of steel structure engineering, especially the steel structure engineering of open loop system, originates from the conflict of feed drive chain to a large extent. In addition to reducing the machining error of the transmission cone and the ball screw, another major measure is to adopt a gapless transmission pair. For the cumulative error of the ball screw pitch, pulse compensation is generally used to make up the stop pitch of the equipment.

steel structure engineering

In order to further reduce the service life and conflict resistance of steel structure engineering, the wear resistance of steel structure configuration components should be fully considered in the design, especially the wear resistance of important complete machines with reaction speed such as engineering track, main optical axis components of feeding servo machine, etc. During the application process, each element of the steel structure project shall be smooth and excellent.

In the steel column processing of steel structure engineering, the auxiliary time (non chip time) has a large proportion. In order to further improve the productivity of the project, it is necessary to drive the maximum restriction of the auxiliary time. At present, few numerical control projects have adopted multiple optical axes, multiple tool holders, and active tool change equipment with tool magazine to reduce tool change time. For steel structure engineering with longer chip consumption, the structure of steel column must be beneficial to wind resistance requirements.