Inspection and maintenance of steel frame warehouse

The main material of steel frame warehouse is carbon structural steel, and its performance will decline nonlinearly with time, and the performance will decline faster as time goes on. Because once the steel structure is corroded and rusted, the speed will be faster and faster. Therefore, the steel structure warehouse needs regular maintenance.

The regular maintenance of the steel frame warehouse can timely find out some problems of the steel structure warehouse, such as rust, loose screws, roof garbage accumulation, ground settlement, paint peeling and other problems, and then solve the problems accordingly.

  • Rust of paint shall be removed, and paint shall be sprayed again after rust removal.
  • If the screw is loose, check whether it is rusty. If it is rusty, replace it. If it is not rusty, screw it again.
  • The roof garbage should be cleaned in time, but it should be noted not to step on the steel structure roof randomly to avoid damage to the steel frame warehouse roof, which will lead to water leakage in the steel structure warehouse.
  • For areas prone to ponding, edge plate shall be added for modification.
  • The ground settlement needs to be checked for uniform settlement. If not, the steel warehouse building structure needs to be reinforced.

steel frame warehouse

The reinforcement of steel frame warehouse shall be carried out by professional steel structure manufacturers and shall not be constructed casually, otherwise, it may not only play no role, but also add additional load to the steel structure warehouse. The construction process and installation steps of different materials, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various waterproof material processes and the key points of practical application, should develop advantages and avoid disadvantages, optimize the combination, and formulate reasonable construction plans and relevant technical measures according to the actual situation of the site project.

The repair and maintenance of steel frame warehouse can effectively improve the service life and safety of steel warehouse building. Therefore, users of steel structure warehouse need to take it seriously, otherwise, all kinds of small problems in steel frame warehouse may add up to a big disaster.