What aspects are inspected after the steel structure construction is completed?

In the construction of industrial plants, people often choose steel structures. Due to the short construction period of the steel structure factory building, the steel structure is very strong and durable, and the most important thing is that the space of the steel structure building is flexible, which is very suitable for industrial workshops and production workshops.

However, problems will inevitably occur in the use of steel structures, such as cracking of steel structure joints, corrosion, and loosening of bolted joints. These problems seem to be small, but they do pose a huge threat to the overall safety of steel structure factory building. Therefore, steel structure workshops should be inspected for steel structure safety before they are officially put into production and after problems occur. So what aspects need to be inspected after the steel structure construction is completed?

steel structure construction

Steel structure inspection and identification content

The inspection and appraisal of steel structures mainly includes steel structures with special requirements such as materials, components, connections and joint defects, structural systems, damage detection and safety, applicability, durability and seismic performance appraisal. Such as steel structure after fire, fatigue detection and identification of steel structure, dynamic detection and identification of steel structure, etc.

On-site inspection of basic work content

  • Collect relevant materials such as engineering geological survey reports, design drawings, calculation books, design changes, settlement observation records, construction records, material warranty, material inspection documents, as-built drawings, and completion acceptance documents.
  • Understand the construction, use, damage and repair history of buildings, such as building construction, renovation, maintenance, use changes, changes in use conditions and use environment, and whether disasters have occurred.
  • On-site basic situation investigation and data verification. When there are construction drawings, on-site verification shall be carried out, and when there are no construction drawings, survey drawings shall be drawn according to the actual situation of the structure.
  • Basic investigation. Steel structure use environment investigation, material performance test, node connection state test, structural damage test, structural deformation test. Structural dynamic tests and field load tests of structures or components can also be carried out when necessary.