What are the common types of steel structures?

Steel structure has been used in all aspects of social production and life because of its high strength, light weight, strong deformation resistance and other characteristics. The steel structure manufacturer will introduce the following six common steel structure types.

1. Equipment steel structure

The equipment steel structures mainly refers to the steel structure part of steel construction used in various large equipment. This kind of steel structure generally plays a role of bearing and stability in equipment, such as tower steel structure of bridge girder erection machine, large equipment support, etc.

building steel structure

2. Offshore steel structure

Offshore steel structures mainly refer to platforms built with various offshore steel structures. Due to the frequent attack of wind and waves, corrosion of seawater, and harsh working environment conditions, this type of steel structure has very high requirements. It mainly includes offshore oil drilling platform, jacket platform, jack up platform, semi submersible platform, etc.

3. Building steel structure

Building steel structure mainly refers to the steel structures used in various buildings instead of concrete structure. It is widely used in industrial and civil buildings due to its high strength, good earthquake resistance, short construction period, green environmental protection and other advantages. The common ones are super-high buildings, industrial plants, steel structure residences, steel structure villas, steel structure warehouses, etc.

4. Bridge steel structure

Because the steel structures has strong bearing capacity and good durability, the modern bridge stress system is mainly made of structural steel. With the development of technology, the bridge steel construction has become more and more mature in many aspects, such as load, manufacturing process, material performance, installation methods, maintenance methods, etc. Various steel structure bridges are common.

space steel structure

5. Space grid steel structure

Space grid steel structure buildings refer to steel structure buildings with large space span. It is mainly divided into grid structure, suspension structure, shell structure, pipe truss structure, membrane structure and other types. It is widely used in factories, stadiums, railway stations, large conference rooms, etc.

6. Hydraulic steel structure

Water conservancy steel structures mainly refers to the steel structure used in water conservancy projects. In fact, there are quite a few, such as steel structure platforms, steel gates, steel trestles and so on.