Light structural steel frames and trusses for steel structure buildings

The light steel structure frame mainly refers to “light steel structure”. The light steel structure generally has the following three types of construction structures, the steel structure of the light simple rigid frame house, the cold-formed thin-walled steel structure, and the light steel structure of the steel pipe structure. Light steel structures generally use smaller carriers and less integrity.

The roof of the light structural steel frame structure adopts light composite board or color pressure board, which is light in weight, various in color, beautiful in appearance, light and elegant, and has good seismic performance, which is a very novel modern architectural style.

light structural steel frame

What are the light steel structure buildings?

The light steel house structure refers to the light steel building structure with small load capacity and small span. It is generally divided into thin plate, section steel and frame structure. It is not only suitable for skeleton structures such as cars and airplanes, but also for schools. Vehicle places such as residences and offices have the characteristics of fast assembly and convenient construction, but rust-proof treatment should be done well.

What are the advantages of light steel structure frame?

1. Impact resistance

The light structural steel frame has good impact resistance, especially when combined with gypsum board, the strength is high, and it is mainly used for low-rise villa roofs. It has strong earthquake resistance and can withstand earthquakes of more than 8 degrees.

2. Windproof

The light steel truss structure is light, but has good integrity and high strength. It can withstand hurricanes of 70 meters per second, effectively ensuring the safety of life and property. In addition, the light steel keel is composed of cold-formed parts, which avoids corrosion during construction, so the service life is long, which can last for more than 100 years.

steel frame structure

3. Thermal and sound insulation

The light steel structure truss contains glass fiber wool, which has a good thermal insulation effect. Using it for the outer wall can avoid cold bridges in the wall and make the room warmer. In addition, the light steel keel has good sound insulation performance, and there is a corresponding test list. The light steel keel and gypsum board form a wall, and the sound insulation effect can reach 60 decibels.

4. Environmental health

Most light steel structures can eventually be recycled after use, reducing pollution to the environment and benefiting human health. The light steel keel adopts an energy-saving system and has a breathing function, which can adjust the indoor air condition and ensure the indoor ventilation and heat dissipation needs. In addition, the construction speed of the light steel structure frame is fast. Generally, a 300-square-meter building can be completed from the foundation to the decoration in just one month by 5 people.