Common structural types of steel structure engineering

Generally, the steel structural members we often use are connected by welds, bolts or rivets. It has light weight and simple construction. It is widely used in large workshop and other fields. It is one of the most important types of building structures. At ordinary times, there are five types of common steel structure engineering.

steel structure engineering

1. Structure type: structure – multi-storey structure composed of structural beams and structural columns, which is used for high-rise civil and public buildings.

2. Bent – composed of steel roof truss, steel truss, steel column or concrete column, which is used for single-storey factory buildings and industrial buildings (medium and heavy).

3. Rigid frame – composed of steel column and steel beam, which is used for single-storey factory buildings and industrial buildings.

4. Grid – continuous combination of steel or concrete columns and standard members, which is used for shared buildings with large bays.

5. Other types – special houses, such as Olympic Bird’s nest, etc.

Usually, when we use steel structure, we can also see that the quality of steel structure engineering has been improved, and the service performance and durability will be more lasting.