What are the types of steel structure workshop kits?

Steel structure workshop kit refers to all kinds of equipment and tools used in steel structure workshop, which are necessary in the process of steel structure construction. There are many kinds of steel structure workshop kits, which can be divided into many different types according to different functions and uses. This article will introduce the types and functions of steel structure workshop kits, and help readers understand the basic knowledge in this field.

Steel structure workshop kits are essentially different from traditional building materials. Traditional building materials usually use concrete, masonry, etc. as the main raw materials, while steel structure workshop kits are high-precision equipment based on steel materials. Steel materials have the advantages of high strength, light weight, fast construction speed, energy saving and environmental protection. Therefore, steel structure workshop kits are widely used in factories, warehouses and other buildings in industry, agriculture, commerce and other fields.

steel structure workshop kits

According to different classification standards, steel structure workshop kits can be divided into various types. The more common ones are type A, type B, type C, etc. A-shaped steel structure workshop kit is the most common one, with large span and low height, it is suitable for various industrial plants, logistics warehouses and other buildings. The B-shaped steel structure workshop suite has a smaller span and height, and is suitable for commercial places such as shopping malls and supermarkets. The C-shaped steel structure workshop kit is a space frame structure, which is suitable for large public buildings and industrial plants.

Each steel structure workshop kits have its own unique design principles and components. For example, A-shaped steel structure workshop kits usually consist of steel columns, steel beams, driving tracks, etc. The design principle is to achieve the overall support and load-bearing of the workshop through precise processing and welding of steel. B-type steel structure workshop kits are usually composed of light steel keels, insulation materials, dust-proof materials, etc. The design principle is to use light steel keels as a supporting structure and then fill them with insulation materials and dust-proof materials to achieve dust-proof and heat preservation in the workshop. The C-shaped steel structure workshop kit is usually composed of space steel frames, purlins, braces, etc. The design principle is to use the space steel frame as a supporting structure.