Single-story steel structure workshop temperature is too high how to cool?

The single-story steel structure workshop is prone to heat accumulation in summer, especially at high temperature, the heat of the steel structure workshop is higher than that of other workshops. The factory workshop is hot and stuffy, and the space is large. It is difficult to solve the problem of the steel structure factory building with traditional equipment. The high cost is also unacceptable to business owners.

If a single-story steel structure workshop wants to do a good job of ventilation and cooling, it must first understand the actual situation of the workshop, whether to solve the cooling of personnel, or to solve the environmental problems of the factory workshop as a whole. The key to solving workshop problems is to design a reasonable and effective solution based on the actual situation on site and cooling requirements. Coupled with high-quality ventilation and cooling equipment, it is no longer a problem to solve the problem of high temperature in steel structure workshops. Generally, environmental protection air conditioners and large industrial fans are installed in steel structure workshops to cool down. Environmental protection air conditioners can continuously deliver fresh air to the workshop. The industrial large fan transports the fresh air to every corner of the factory workshop, and the two devices are used in conjunction with each other to achieve a use effect that other devices cannot match.

single-story steel structure workshop

Advantages of the program

Environmentally friendly air conditioners have various functions such as energy saving, power saving, ventilation and cooling, ventilation and deodorization. In a large-area workshop such as a single-story steel structure workshop, whether it is overall cooling or steel structure cooling, the environmental protection air conditioner has a unique design. 18,000 cubic meters of fresh cold air per hour can cover an area of 150 square meters, and only 1 kWh of electricity is needed per hour.

The industrial large fan has large blade diameter, low energy consumption and high efficiency, which can not only solve the problem of environmental ventilation, but also bring comfortable and cool cooling experience to personnel. The large-diameter blades slowly rotate to drive the air flow, creating a 1.3-stage natural breeze system, covering an area of about 1500 square meters, and consuming only 1.3 kw of power per hour, it is the optimum ventilation equipment for single-story steel structure workshops. With the use of environmental protection air-conditioning can achieve the use of similar traditional air-conditioning effect, but also a separate use of one of the equipment.