Construction and installation technology of steel workshop building structure

How is the steel factory building constructed? The steel structure workshop itself has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, strong compressive capacity and short construction period. At present, there are large, diverse and complex steel structure buildings and civil buildings in many places. As a new architectural model, the steel structure workshop building swept the traditional architectural model with a strong attitude. The emergence of standard steel structure workshops is of great help to some manufacturers. For example, the seismic performance and open space of the steel structure standard workshop meet the needs of the plant.

steel workshop building

Installation of steel workshop buildings structure:

  • 1. Main structure hoisting of the steel structure workshop: splicing steel beams on the ground, erecting steel columns, hoisting steel beams, connecting sub-structures, correcting deviations of the main structure, installing lifting beams (optional), hoisting interlayer (optional), and applying fire-retardant paint . The deviation of the main structure of the steel workshop building should meet the specifications and design requirements, and the initial termination of the high-strength bolts should meet the requirements.
  • 2. Secondary structure installation of steel structure workshop: roof wall purlin, roof wall support, flange support, etc.
  • 3. Installation of roof panel and thermal insulation layer of steel workshop building: first lay the thermal insulation layer, and then install the roof panel (some projects are still laying steel mesh under the thermal insulation layer to prevent the thermal insulation layer from falling off, which mainly depends on the level of the thermal insulation layer). The roof is mainly waterproof, so it was necessary to overlap the billboards with the planks. The glue on the nail board should be cleaned, and the surface coating of the board should not be damaged to prevent corrosion, etc.
  • 4. Maintenance and installation of the wall of the steel structure standard workshop itself: mainly install the wall insulation layer and wall panel. The walls are mainly aesthetic and waterproof in the window area. There is also the issue of determining whether the installation is biased. For example, the bottom should be flat, the entire plane should be flat, and the flatness deviation between the plates should meet the requirements.
  • 5. Detail structure of steel structure standard workshop: mainly some decoration and installation, such as the corner between the roof and the wall, the corner, the waterproof board between the wall panel and the brick wall, the door and window decoration, etc. Detail structure is a link and one of the main components of beauty engineering, so horizontal, flat and vertical are basic.