What are the types of steel structure workshop frames?

The steel structure frame is the main load-bearing structure of the building, which is constructed by beams and columns. All lateral horizontal loads and most of the vertical loads are transmitted to the foundation through the factory building frame. In industrial buildings, the steel structure workshop frame has the following three common structural forms:

steel structure workshop frame

1. Single story steel structure workshop frame

A single layer frame formed by a factory building stepped column and a frame beam, a roof truss or a roof beam, hinged or rigidly connected at the top of the column, can be called a factory bent frame when the top of the column is hinged.

2. Single layer steel frame

A single-story frame consisting of a column of constant or gradient section and a frame beam rigidly connected at the top of the column.

3. Multilayer frame

A multi-layer frame connected by columns and floor beams (or trusses) and roof beams (or roof trusses).

steel structure frame

The above is all the relevant content about the introduction of the frame types of the steel structure frame workshop. If you want to know more about the steel structure workshop building, you can consult our Canglong steel structure manufacturer.