Honduras factory building steel structure package delivery

This is a steel structure factory building project constructed by our Canglong Group. All the steel components of this plant are prefabricated in our factory. We adopted a portal frame structure design for the owner’s steel structure workshop. Among them, H-beam is used for the column, C-shaped steel and H-beam are used for the beam, C-shaped steel and Z-shaped steel are used for the steel purlin, and round steel is used for the push bar of the supporting point. For the choice of roof wall panels, we suggest that he choose the cheaper eps sandwich panels. There are generally two options for roof panels: color steel tiles and sandwich panels. This time we suggested that he choose color steel tiles and sunshine tiles to lay the roof of the factory building. Now all the steel components of the owner’s steel structure factory building in Honduras have been packaged and Loading, and are about to be sent to the corresponding port for sea transportation to the destination port.

factory building steel structure

steel structure package delivery